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At the age of 18, the author was approved to be a student at the School of Air Force Specialists in Brazil (Escola de Especialistas da Aeronáutica do Brasil). On June 1971 the author was promoted to be a Flight Controller Operator; and worked as Approach, and Tower Flight Controller at important cities inside Brazil; Porto Alegre (Salgado Filho), São Luis (renamed to Marechal Cunha Salgado), Fortaleza (Pinto Martins) and Recife (Guararapes). On July 1980, while serving on Fortaleza Air Force Base, the author graduated, as Civil Engineer at the Technology Center of the Federal University of Ceará (Centro de Tecnologia da Universidade Federal do Ceará). On April 1982 the author left the Brazilian Air Force and (after being approved on a contest ) started working as Establishment Tax Auditor in the State of Pernambuco (Auditor Fiscal de Estabelecimentos no Estado de Pernambuco). The author retired from that position on January 1999 by his own request. Then, at first the author decided to operate on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (BOVESPA).


(Notice that before his retirement the author spent three years buying and studying books from American and Brazilian authors specialized in all aspects of markets in America and in Brazil. That means the author was prepared to operate in these markets).


But, at the end of 2003 the author decided to run for City Council in Recife. Throughout that process, the Proper Rule System concept was discovered (separated from society). And the study initiated at the end of November 2003, became what is now called the Objective Democracy Theory Project, which is under its way until this date.


Its objective is to provide assessorship to voters in democratic systems around the world.


Helping voters to see reality, existence, life, etc.…, in a logical, practical and objective way, and perceive phenomena that cannot be perceived using any other science.


Therefore, helping voters to avoid imposed losses, and enabling them to pursue a better life just using the tools offered by this Project.


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